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Cuong Huynh Storyboards

Hello, I’m a professional storyboard artist based in Southern CA.
I create storyboards for films and agencies nationwide.

Looking to bring your scripts to life with engaging storyboards?

How about developing visuals for your film, television, advertising projects? Or maybe for your lookbooks, proposals, and pitch decks?

Yes I do all that, and more.

Such as script breakdown, shot list creation, character design, scene schematic, background design, camera and movement diagrams.

Below are samples of my work showcasing a wide range of storyboard projects and clients. Since no two projects are exactly the same, my storyboard service is designed to meet varying project requirements, ranging from rough sketches to intricate and detailed conceptuals, to character and production design, to scene and action sequences.

Send me your requirements and I’ll work up a proposal for storyboards that will meet your needs and budget. 

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Cuong Huynh Storyboards
Jack Ryan-Follow The Money storyboards-8
Alien Visitor - Warmup Storyboard In Preparation For New Project
The Entrance Storyboard
Cinderella Cop-scene-18A
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-10
H feature film storyboards-3
SL Storyboards-3
TBB storyboards-16
HP storyboard portfolio-59B4
H feature film storyboards-5
z-hr storyboard-7A
z-hr storyboard-7C
Shaolin kung fu monk-mountain journey
Knights Hospitaller on Malta-2v2
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-11

Professional storyboard artist you can count on.

You get boards done right.
You get boards done efficiently and on time.

Send me your brief.

We discuss your requirements.

And I start drawing and delivering your boards.

If you need shot list created, then I can do that too.

Let me help visualize your script/screenplay and bring it to life.
From quick sketches – to B&W tonal (grayscale) boards – to boards in full color.

Here’s my typical process utilized in numerous successfully projects.

Step 1. I examine your script, character and location references, then discuss important aspects of both your creative and business vision. A shot list is generated to serve as requirement and tracking device.

You can provide the shot list, or I can break it down for you. Then I start drafting up boards.

Step 2. I send the drafts for your review to ensure correct frame blocking, shot type, camera movement and in-frame action.

Online tools facilitate annotations and comments directly on the boards with real-time notifications.

Of course we can hop on the phone or use various online collaboration/screen sharing tools to ensure clear and efficient communication.

Step 3. I evaluate and discuss your feedback to ensure all concerns are met.
Alternate solutions are explored to meet the project’s creative and technical goals.

Step 4. I make changes as discussed, then process boards for delivery. I will be available to make any further revisions and additions as needed.

For director’s or production boards, we can skip a lot of these steps and I can produce quickly drawn boards that help convey your visions to shoot the scenes as you need them.

I can do just the sequences you want. Or I can board the whole film, shot by shot.

You receive professionally produced storyboards that show clear and dynamic in-frame action, with emotional and creative impact that truly reflect your vision.

Ready to get started?

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