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Got a story to tell? I’ll storyboard it.

Hello, I’m a professional storyboard artist based in Southern CA.
I create storyboards for films and agencies nationwide.

Looking to bring your scripts to life with engaging storyboards?

How about developing visuals for your film, television, advertising projects? Or maybe for your lookbooks, proposals, and pitch decks?

Yes I do all that, and more.

Such as script breakdown, shot list creation, character design, scene schematic, background design, camera and movement diagrams.

Below are samples of my work showcasing a wide range of storyboard projects and clients. Since no two projects are exactly the same, my storyboard service is designed to meet varying project requirements, ranging from rough sketches to intricate and detailed conceptuals, to character and production design, to scene and action sequences.

Send me your requirements and I’ll work up a proposal for storyboards that will meet your needs and budget. 

Let’s collaborate! Get in touch here.


Cuong Huynh Storyboards
Jack Ryan-Follow The Money storyboards-8
Alien Visitor - Warmup Storyboard In Preparation For New Project
The Entrance Storyboard
Cinderella Cop-scene-18A
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-10
H feature film storyboards-3
SL Storyboards-3
TBB storyboards-16
HP storyboard portfolio-59B4
H feature film storyboards-5
z-hr storyboard-7A
z-hr storyboard-7C
Shaolin kung fu monk-mountain journey
Knights Hospitaller on Malta-2v2
Opening Sequence For Strategic Game Storyboards-11

I create storyboards for feature films, television commercials, music videos, or anything that needs to tell a story through visualization.

Below are more samples of my work.

A little info about me: I create storyboards to help clients tell their stories using a wide range of human expressions, dynamic action, and bold and impactful use of colors. I bring valuable and unique experience to film projects with a combination of

  • Classical art training,
  • A huge amount of hard work and extreme discipline,
  • Together with self-taught techniques and
  • Self-refined processes.

Stylistically, I adapt my storyboard frames to what the project needs, namely:

  • In tight and detailed, or loose and fast, composition,
  • In B&W or in full colors, or
  • A combination of these.

Generally project cost and production time depend on

  1. Your preferences,
  2. Project budget and
  3. Turnaround time.

Depending on your requirements, I will work on-site or remotely across the world using the latest communication technologies. With me on your team, you will always get the smoothest and painless experience, with efficiency and professional results.

A few words on determining cost of a project: If you’re just looking for standard rates, then generally standard rates don’t give you a true cost for your project. Because no two projects are exactly the same, a more accurate cost estimate should be based on the project’s actual and specific needs. A good starting point is to review a detailed brief of what you need done. Once I have a good understand of your requirements, I can then work up a quote for your film. Depending on how far you have developed your script, it’d be super helpful if your brief can include

  1. The script;
  2. Shot list of the scenes of interest (with number of boards needed and description of each board well defined);
  3. Some reference characters, environment or props;
  4. Sample boards indicating style/level of detail you prefer;
  5. Plus any other relevant and unique considerations.

If you need help with breaking down the script to a shot list then I can help with that as well. So that’s a little bit about me and what I do. I’m ready to tackle your pre-production/visualization challenges. To discuss how I can help, please reach out using the form below. I will reply promptly.

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