Storyboard Special Offer

Cuong Huynh, Storyboard Artist

Available for freelance, short- and long-term projects for clients in Los Angeles area, Southern CA, New York City area, and filmmakers across North America.

Need storyboards for your film, TV commercial or music video project?
Then take advantage of the great storyboard deals below.

Professional storyboards at affordable prices!

Black Line Package

Starting from $7

Black line on white, with simple/loose background
Gray Scale Package

Starting from $12

Tight, detailed characters & background, with shading
Full Color Package

Starting from $20

Full color and detailed characters & background

Note 1: Package prices assume you provide detailed requirements or brief of your project, including shot list, thumbnail sketches, schematics, and character and location/environment references if required. Otherwise I use my creative license.
Note 2: Delivery time varies depending on my availability at time of order. Minimum quantity applies. If you have special requirements or quick turn-around needs then I’ll customize a competitive quote.

Tell Me Your Storyboard Requirements

  • Please share detail about your project, including screenplay/script, shot list, reference models, delivery date, and the level of quality you’re after (rough lines, detailed lines, gray scale, full color, etc.) This way I can give you the best and most accurate quote possible.
  • I will break down your script to create detailed shot list if you need this service too.
  • I’ll sign an NDA as needed.
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