Wall Mural: Jupiter Flyby – View From Kitchen #4

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Wall Mural: Jupiter Flyby-View From Kitchen #4

About the Work

Jupiter Flyby – View From Kitchen #4. Part of the Jupiter Flyby Series.
Installed size is 62″x35″ (ratio 1.77:1) and scales well to any size with ratio 1.77:1.

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If you would like to order this design for your location’s wall, here are some info that can help you understand the process and make your decisions. Attention to detail together with good planning will ensure you have a successful, satisfying, and long lasting mural installation. Generally there are 3 major parts to getting this design on your wall:

  1. Design: Have a properly designed and prepared graphic format done specifically for your wall, for your location. This is what I provide, and you pay a fee for a license to use the design. You can pick any of the designs shown on these pages and use them as is, or I can modify their content to better fit your location, or I can also do a full custom and unique design for you. Depending on your needs, this may take from a week to several weeks.
    Non-exclusive license to reproduce and use: Non-exclusive License to reproduce and use will be issued to the principal of the installation location and can range from one-time/single-location/single-use (wall mural or printed collaterals or digital, etc.), to combination of multiple times/multiple locations/multi-use, to unlimited times/locations/use. The non-exclusive license fee will be based on these factors plus a few others, so the more information you provide about how you propose to use the design, the better I can work up the best deal for you.
    For situations when you want to obtain high resolution digital files to do your own printing (see Production below), the only license available will be the unlimited times/locations/use license.
    – License fees can range from USD800 to more than USD2000 depending on the type of license and design customization.
  2. Production:  This is printing the design on materials that can be affixed to the wall, that is durable and easy to clean and maintain. These normally come in strips of 18″, 24″ or wider widths on a material of your choice, depending on the printing contractor/printer. You can choose to have my local printer (in San Diego) produce and ship to you, or you can work with any printer of your choice in your locality. For the latter, I will assist with finding and working with your printer to ensure acceptable production format and quality of the final prints. Either way you pay the printer directly. You’ll want to budget from one to 2 weeks for production. It is highly recommended that printer selection and involvement in the project to be as early as possible.
    – Print production cost can range from USD700-800 to more than USD1500 depending on the size of the mural and the printer producing it.
  3. Installation: Install the panels on the wall similar to wallpapering process. This is a service some printers also provide, or you and/or your contractor can do this yourself. It should be noted that, in newly built situations, wall preparation may require weeks before being ready for the mural installation, so you should budget this time in your planning. Again this is reason why you should have good planning and include all parties as early as possible in the process.
    – Mural installation cost depends on factors such as whether your wall has been properly prepared, and who actually installs it (by you, your general contractor or a hired professional installer).

Your project success will depend on the combination of the three parts above, both in cost and in time. In order to provide a license fee quote for your wall and provide important suggestions and guidance for your project, I will need your wall dimensions, required date for installation, installation location, plus any other relevant information when you send in your inquiry. I will walk you through the details to ensure a trouble-free and successful installation process. Please use the form below.

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