Episode 03: Silhouette Guy/GEORGEFLOYD Goes Home – COVID-19 Pandemic In Storyboards

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Development and production of Episode 03 storyboards are underway. You can view new boards as they are created and posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/framebyframeserials/permalink/2688376934725789/

Below are work in progress for Episode 03.

I. Character Design
II. Storyboard Thumbnails
III. Compound Boards/Animatic Sequences
III. Scene Development & Storyboard Roughs

The COVID-19 Pandemic Storyboard project is a collaboration of independent storyboard artists to create a story about the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Episode 03, we follow SILHOUETTE GUY/GEORGEFLOYD/GF (from Episode 01) as he leaves the hospital, takes the bus back to POOR CITY, and walks home. Along the 4-block walk, he witnesses some disturbing images, and he himself experiences COVID-19 firsthand when he arrives home.

A Facebook group called Frame By Frame Serials has been created as the central place to discuss, share, and manage the different storyboard collaboration projects. You can see the story unfold here: EPISODE 03. COVID-19 Pandemic Motion Board Serial.

All copyrights are reserved by the respective artists.

Episode 03 (in alphabetical order):

About the work

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Cuong Huynh

Storyboards by (in alphabetical order)

Cinematography by Michele Diniz