Pho Restaurant Mural-Full Mural Size

Pho Restaurant Mural – Size: 30 feet x 8 feet or customized to any wall.

This is a new wall mural design for a pho restaurant in development stage.

The goal is to keep it simple, create bold images that are representative of Vietnamese dishes served on the menu.

Also, design elements need to be playful, have a modern feel to them, and exhibit fresh and fulfilling meals.

Pho Restaurant Mural Concept-detail 1

Pho Restaurant Mural Concept-detail 1

Another design requirement is, although it can be viewed at a close distance, the goal of the mural is to attract viewing from a distance of at least 10-15 feet and more, especially those standing at the entrance area. It is designed to be seen in its expansive entirety.

Though final dimensions are yet available, the mural space is expected at 30 feet x 8 feet.

Check out more of the design on the Pho Restaurant Mural Design Concept portfolio page.